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Trekking Poles Can Help Your Hike

Trekking Poles Can Help Your Hike! Trekking poles, which look similar to ski poles, add balance and stability
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Protect You and Your family from diseases associated with Ticks and Mosquitos — Prevention is the Key!

The benefits of spending time with family in nature far out way the risks of acquiring an illness
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Do You Want Your Young Kids to Love Hiking and the outdoors?

Let them lead! I call this “Child Directed Hiking.”  Walk at your child’s pace and distance. Whatever your
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Finally a DEET free bug repellent that works!

Have you tried out picaridin based bug repellent? We’ve been using picaridin based bug sprays on our entire
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Which hiking water treatment option is right for you?

I filmed this video exploring three modern water treatment options for hiking. You will only live for a
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Winter Hiking with Kids

Make Your Winter family Hike Fun! Aside from a Polar Vortex freezing the country, you can have the
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