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The Adventures of

Bubba Jones®

A National Park Book Series

The Adventures of Bubba Jones

Time Traveling Through Grand Canyon National Park

by Jeff Alt with illustrations by Hannah Tuohy
(Paperback; 978-0825309274; $9.99; Beaufort Books; Ages 8-12; grades 4-7; Lexile Measure: 960L)

In the fourth book of this award-winning national park series, Tommy “Bubba Jones” and his sister, Jenny “Hug-a-Bug,” uncover amazing facts about the Grand Canyon while on a mission to solve a park mystery. This is no ordinary brother and sister duo; they are part of a legendary time travel family with a mission to preserve and protect our national parks and have developed a reputation for solving mysteries. As they time travel back hundreds, thousands, and millions of years, they not only learn about the past, but also experience it. They encounter all sorts wild creatures and plants, meet the people involved in the establishment of the national park, learn about the Native Americans that call this land home, and unravel some of the park’s secrets.

Mom’s Choice GOLD recipient among the best in family-friendly media, products and services.

Award-Winning Finalist in the American Book Fest “Best Books” 2020 awards, in the Children’s Fiction category.

The Reviews Are In!

"The fourth book in this great award-winning National Park series brings yet more of the excitement, adventures, and history we've come to enjoy. Time travel, secret codes, passwords, and discoveries are unraveled first hand by Bubba Jones and his sister Hug-a-Bug. Traveling through time, they experience the wonders, dangers, and people that forged the world as we know it today. Truly a great story that will teach with enthusiasm. Sure to hold interest with its easy conversational tone. It draws and engages the reader."
Story Monsters Ink
"Together they are at the helm of their educational adventure, distant historical events made easier to grasp through these character’s eyes. This is a book that drums up awe and fascination, fuels dreams of a Grand Canyon hike one day, and inspires young audiences to keep reading. What a joy it would have been for those of us who grew up 20 years ago to have a Bubba Jones of our own. Alt’s national park series will hold steadfast for generations[.]"
Svea Conrad
Arizona Daily Sun
“Outdoorsman and author Jeff Alt has "hit another home run" with the newest addition to his "The Adventures of Bubba Jones" book series. In previous adventure stories, Alt's characters "Bubba" Jones and sister Jenny "Hug-A-Bug" have taken readers on magical visits to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Shenandoah National Park, and Acadia, and now his adventurous explorers visit one of the most iconic of all our national parks, Grand Canyon. In Alt's new adventure, readers can feel the desert wind blowing off the Coconino Sandstone, feel the swish and power of the Colorado River as it roars through the Inner Gorge, feel the presence and mystery of the Puebloans and the "ancient ones" who lived in the canyon in prehistory, and discover the grandiose drama of geology and erosion that created this wonder of the world. "The Adventures of Bubba Jones--Time Traveling Through Grand Canyon National Park" follows in the footsteps of Alt's earlier books and will provide young readers with a magical adventure in the one and only "Grand Canyon."
Arthur McDade
Great Smoky Mountains National Park ranger (ret.), and the author of Old Smoky Mountain Days and The Natural Arches of the Big South Fork