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These are links to some of my favorite websites in the world on hiking, adventure and life!

Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC)

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy( ATC) is the primary source for information regarding the Appalachian Trail. The ATC provides maps, and logistical information about the trail. But most importantly, they serve as the stewards of the AT, organizing countless volunteers who maintain this awesome footpath.

Association of Long Distance Hikers (aldha)

This is the club to join after the trail. They host an annual “Gathering” each fall with plenty of inspirational adventure presentations to keep the wanderlust alive.

Garren Creek Photography

A wonderful outdoor photographer.

H.I.K.E to Success

Jeff Alt provides keynotes based on his hike to success principals for business & life.

A quality brand of backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, child carriers, and more.
Nimble Will Nomads Adventures
Eb has walked from coast to coast and from Key west to Quebec. In 2004 Eb retraced the Lewis & Clark expedition. Keep an eye on this guy for more adventures.
A great blog full of light weight backpacking information and tips for the beginning hiker & the expert.
Timothy Seaman’s Music
Timothy Seaman’s music is magical, inspiring, and peaceful. He combines the hammer dulcimer, guitar, piano, banjo, flute, and many more instruments to create a nature celebration. I play Tim’s music during my Walk for Sunshine presentations. Timothy has accompanied me with live music on a few occasions.
The Adventures of Bubba Jones
Engage your kids for your next outdoor adventure with this award-winning national park book series written by Jeff Alt.
Trail Journals
Trail Journals publishes journals of AT hikers as they walk.