Jeff Alt inspires and entertains audiences with his highly
acclaimed “Life Lessons from the Trail.”


Jeff Alt inspires and entertains audiences with his highly acclaimed “Life Lessons from the Trail.” His adventures & books have been featured on ESPN, CNN-Radio, Hallmark Channel, USA Radio Network, in Backpacker Magazine, the LA Times, the AP, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, The USA Today, and many more! Alt’s book, A Walk for Sunshine, won the GOLD in the Book of the Year Awards and first place in the National Best Books Awards.
Alt’s book, Get Your Kids Hiking: How to Start Them Young and Keep it Fun, won the Bronze in the Indie Fab Awards and the Living Now Book Awards. He has now created an award-winning youth national park series, The Adventures of Bubba Jones.  Jeff’ filmed a Tedx Talk33450758322_14fc7380d8_o.  Check it out.

Jeff Alt’s highly acclaimed Life Lessons from the Trail keynote, his popular family hiking seminars, and his new youth National Park book series, The Adventures of Bubba Jones, all resonate around how essential it is for us to explore, learn and maintain our health by escaping to the natural, great outdoors.

Jeff Alt donates a percentage of A Walk for Sunshine books sales and  ‘Life Lessons from the Appalachian Trail’ speaking fees to Sunshine.



Jeff Alt is a talented speaker, hiking and camping expert, and an award-winning author.  His award-wining books include: A Walk for Sunshine (an Appalachian Trail memoir), Four Boots One Journey (a John Muir Trail memoir), GJeff Alt Bio. Photoet Your Kids Hiking: How to Start Them Young and Keep it Fun, and his new National Park youth book series, The Adventures of Bubba Jones. Alt’s adventures have been featured in media nationwide including: Discoverychannel.com, ESPN’s Inside America’s National Parks, Hallmark Channel, CNN-Radio, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, LA Times, USA Today, Backpacker Magazine, Fitness RX for Men, SHAPE, Woman’s Health, the AP, the Chicago Sun Times, Scholastic Parent & Child, and many more.  Alt is a member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America (OWAA).  Alt has shared his transformational “Lessons from the Trail” with thousands.  He recently filmed a Tedx Talk about his Appalachian Trail journey. Alt holds a master’s degree from Miami University in Ohio and a degree from the University of Toledo. For 20 years he has hosted the annual Sunshine Walk, 5k Run and Roll, inspired from his Appalachian Trail journey, which has raised over a half of a million dollars to support people with developmental disabilities. Alt has been hiking since his youth. He has walked the entire 2,160-mile Appalachian Trail, the 218-mile John Muir Trail with his wife, and he carried his 21-month old daughter along the coast of Ireland on a family hike. His son was on the Appalachian Trail at 6 weeks of age.

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“Jeff’s keynote had a room of hard to please professionals laughing, crying, and inspired. A great presentation.”
-Convention Chair, Georgia Speech Language Hearing Association

Watch Jeff Alt's TEDx Talk - Life Lessons from the Trail

Watch Jeff Alt’s TEDx Talk Life Lessons from the Trail

Book Jeff Alt as a speaker for your event. He is a highly-acclaimed keynote speaker, award-winning author and accomplished Long distance hiker. NSA color logoJeff is known nationally for his transformational “Life Lessons from the Trail.” Jeff presents a high energy, entertaining, and adventurous keynote that is full of take away content. He inspires staffs and individuals to increase performance, enhance creativity, achieve life balance, and go distances beyond what they ever thought possible. Jeff walked the entire Appalachian Trail (over 2,000-miles) which stepped off an annual charity that has raised over $500,000. He trekked the John Muir Trail with his wife across the California Sierra Mountains, and he carried his 22-month old daughter on a hike through Ireland along with many other adventures. For over 15 years Jeff has helped individuals and organizations increase performance through his keynotes & seminars. He integrates the transformational power of a walk in nature into people’s lives. Jeff utilizes a unique communication skill set combining his accomplished outdoor background, his award-winning sales career and successful career as a speech language pathologist.

Jeff has been featured on radio world-wide, in print, blogs, and TV including Backpacker Magazine, ESPN, CNN-Radio, New Dimensions Radio Network, Discovery Channel.com, USA Today, Hallmark Channel, Fitness RX for Men, Women’s Health, Shape, US News & World Report, the AP, and many more! Jeff holds a Master’s Degree from Miami of Ohio and a Degree from the University of Toledo. Jeff is a member of the National Speakers Association. He offers a menu of 5 speaking topics below:

1.) Life Lessons From the Trail

Jeff Alt takes you along every step of his highly acclaimed Appalachian Trail adventure, over 2,000 miles, from Georgia to Maine. As you walk along with Jeff, you encounter bears, bugs, blisters, skunk bedmates, hilarious food cravings and lots of life lessons. You will enjoy learning that this adventure was for a noble cause. Jeff dedicated his journey to his brother who has cerebral palsy which inspired an annual fundraiser that has raised almost a half of a million dollars for the disabled. Jeff Alt’s award-winning book, A Walk for Sunshine, chronicles his expedition and is available at a group discount when copies are pre-purchased along with his keynote. Jeff donates a percentage of A Walk for Sunshine book sales and speaking fees to Sunshine.

-A great keynote for corporate retreats, sales meetings, health care organizations, church communities, and schools.

2.) Tell Your Staff to Take a Hike! Five Steps to Increase Performance Using Nature

New research is now scientifically quantifying what Alt already new from his adventures along the Appalachian Trail, the John Muir Trail, and many other wilderness adventures. It is now scientifically proven that a few days of walking in nature can increase happiness, creativity, and problem solving skills; all necessary skills to run an efficient organization.

-A great keynote & seminar for Human Resources, Management and Leadership

3.) Walk the Extra Mile: 7 Steps to Extreme Adventure Fundraising

Jeff Alt combined his award-winning sales skills, his passion for adventure, and his love for his brother and tackled the Appalachian Trail, over 2,000-miles, as a fundraiser for a non-profit home that cares for over 500 people with developmental disabilities; including his brother. His hike created an annual charity that has raised over $500,000.

-A great event for Non-Profit & Charity Organizations

4.) Get Your Staff & Family Hiking- 7 Steps to Hit the Trail in a Fun & Safe Way

Jeff Alt provides a hands-on seminar that will provide you with the knowledge and inspiration you need to plan a hiking/walking and/or camping outing with all ages.

-This seminar is excellent for summer camps, national parks, metro parks, family organizations, schools, and church communities.

What Clients are Saying:

“What a wonderful way to begin our Conference! Jeff spoke to the members of the Ohio Division, International Association of Administrative Professionals, about his “Lessons Learned from the Trail” at our annual conference held….He received rave reviews for his energetic and inspiring seminar. He was a true motivator for our attendees to set a goal, take risks, and enjoy the rewards!”
-Rosemary Deitzer, CAP,Ohio Division Annual Meeting Executive Committee.

“…Your presentation provided valuable insight and information and will be useful for our attendees as they move forward following the conference…thank you for being such an important part of our event!”
-Wisconsin Integrated Resource Management (WIRM) Conference Planning Committee

“…wonderful presentation, you inspired young parents to begin hiking or hike more often…participants especially found the equipment review and hiking tips very helpful…Seminar Participants truly benefited from the information provided them…”
-Regina Cardwell, Park Ranger Education Office Coordinator, Resource Seminars, Shenandoah National Park

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